Navin Mayani

Navin has a background in Psychology and has worked in events, real estate and more recently finished a short stint with the National Citizens Service in the UK, where he got the inspiration to launch the CYE-CYL Summer Challenge. He has generated a wealth of experiences in project management, finance, marketing and operations. Outside of work, he has spent much of his time volunteering in various charities, focussing on empowering individuals through mindfulness and well-being. His most rewarding project was in Peru, to help support a local community in Pisco after an earthquake destroyed most of the city. 

Managing Director


Romina Mayani-Nankani

Romina has a background in Business Management and worked across various industries including Finance, Retail and more recently in orphanages in Ghana and Nigeria. Her transition into the charity sector started with a deep interest to counsel individuals suffering from depression, anxiety and low-self esteem. She continues to mentor individuals and groups of people seeking a better quality of life through life coaching and mindfulness. Having travelled across different countries and lived in about 5 of them, Romina is determined to focus on empowering individuals and communities that are misrepresented in society. 

Marketing Manager


Pradeep Karnani


Pradeep has a background in Journalism, Business & Project Management and has worked in the e-gaming, media and retail sector. His desire to work within the charity sector started with a volunteer placement with ICS in Nicaragua. Pradeep spent three months volunteering in a remote village in Nicaragua where he, along with 8 other volunteers were tasked with teaching English, building eco-stoves, eco-ovens and water filters.  Having returned to Gibraltar, Pradeep has worked with CYE-CYL since its launch and hopes to continue to help individuals in all aspects of life.


Jyronne Pruis: Senior Mentor


Jyronne is studying Business Technology in  Southampton. Visiting the Cheshire Homes in Tangiers really opened up his heart and made him want to continue to make a difference in children’s lives. This year he flew over to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, he has already raised over £3,000 for Dig Deep charity. 

April Baldachino: Senior Mentor


April joined CYE-CYL as a participant in 2018 and immersed herself in the Summer Challenge demonstrating qualities of leadership, resilience and teamwork. April feels the Summer Challenge is a great opportunity to develop new skills, but most importantly, to help participants express themselves freely and become confident individuals.

Claire Goncalves: Senior Mentor


 Claire has 20 years experience and is qualified in the fields of Yoga & Mindfulness, Youth & Community Work, Health & Wellbeing, Special Needs and natural healing therapy's. She has worked with people of all ages & from all walks of life, fusing the wisdom gleaned from her studies & experiences combined with practical knowledge gained from life coaching programs, self empowerment workshops & personal development seminars. 

Paul Perez: Programme Leader


As our Programme Leader, Paul brings a wealth of experience working with young people of all ages. He is a secondary school teacher and has worked as a Support Youth Worker and Programme Leader for other summer programmes. He has a background in Fashion Design and interested in all creative arts. He was inspired to join the CYE-CYL team to help young people succeed in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. His motto is "Be the best version of you today".