What the Summer Challenge offers

The CYE-CYL Summer Challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience encouraging young people to aspire living their life with confidnece, drive and ambition. Self-doubt, low self-esteem and negative self perceptions live within many young people. This programme will encourage each individual to aspire to a highest potential and become free from limiting or negative self-beliefs. 

Young people will be able to pick up skills such as photography, drama, music, public speaking 


CYE-CYL Summer Challenge is created to develop vocational skills in young people, including project management, marketing, finance, operations and solution-oriented skills. It is also simed at encouraging young people to work successfully in teams and learn to collaborate with others that have a different set of skills, experiences and abilities. 

Once the programme is complete, participants will receive a training certificate during their graduation ceremony that will be signed and presented by the Chief Minister of Gibraltar.


The training certificate received and the skills gained during the CYE-CYL Summer Challenge will be contribute towards getting jobs or continuing into further education. It will be useful to include the experiences of the Summer Challenge in their CV or personal statements for further education.

CYE-CYL will support young people in this process to apply for jobs, or access further education. 

Furthermore, we will carry out regular meet-ups where young people will continue to become active members of the CYE-CYL community through mentorship, outings and volunteer opportunities in Gibraltar and abroad.